Media and big business: Happily ever after or nasty break-up in the offing?

Ashraf Engineer

As night crept across the winter sky a few weeks ago, the discussion on the Express Tower lawns warmed up. Steve Coll – two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, book author and dean of Columbia Journalism School – was the picture of pragmatism as he spoke about challenges journalists face in this age and what the future will look like for them.

While Coll dissected several issues, including the changing nature of audiences, his views on journalists’ relationship with corporations were particularly illuminating.

coll Steve Coll was erudite and incisive. As dean of Columbia Journalism School, he has an interesting view of the media and its relationship with corporations. Copyright: Ashraf Engineer

“Corporations are trying to adapt to the digital age the same way journalists are. They have discovered they can tell their own stories. They can ignore journalists and still achieve their goals,” said Coll to the very involved audience comprising media students, veteran journalists…

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