Calories Shmalories- You are what you eat! #2020MSLGetFit

This post first went live on the 20:20 MSL blog. At work, we’ve kick started the #2020MSLGetFit campaign. All offices across the country are trying to get fit. While all of us are researching and finding new ways to go about this, I thought of writing about all the drama surrounding ‘calories’! Check it out-

It ‘s been almost 3 weeks since the #2020MSLGetFit challenge has begun and all everyone is talking about is getting fit. Diet Coke has been substituted by green tea, Vada Pav by nuts, the elevator for the stairs and the morning mails are all about interesting fitness information.

One of the most striking topics that is discussed a lot by colleagues is ‘calories’. “How many calories can I consume in a day?” “How many calories does this sandwich have?” “If I eat half of this pizza slice that is almost 200 calories. Which is quite ok, right?” Something just didn’t seem right about this calories talk. So I went online and found out for myself – what is all this calorie drama?

So what is a calorie exactly? According to Wikipedia, a calorie is approximately the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. In simple words, calorie is a unit of energy and we get our energy from food to breathe, move, pump blood, basically to survive.  So how many calories should a person consume in a day? Well, that depends on your gender, weight, height and age.

So the concepts are clear. We need calories to survive, we need a certain amount of them and all we have to do is make sure we eat that many a day and we are good to go, right? No, wrong. It is not about just making sure you get the calories, it is about getting the right mix of nutrients. Did you know that two apples (average sized) and 40 grams of M&M’s have the same number of calories? Let’s get in to this a little deeper. Apples contain an impressive list of nutrients and antioxidants and are considered one of the healthiest things in the world to eat. On the other hand, M&M’s, though really yum, have no real contribution to your health. Therefore, who wins? Apples!

So it is time to let go of the calorie-shmalorie drama and focus on making sure you are eating healthy, wholesome food. Here’s a video that will explain this perfectly.

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