Ramadan Kareem!

One of the best things about food is how it has the ability to transport us to a particular memory. Maybe that is why where ever you travel, what ever food you eat, nothing beats your mom’s food or your grandma’s food. If you are far away from home, you will always look to find a place that reminds you of home food.

I spent my childhood in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I woke up every morning for almost 11 years listening to the adhan call before the Fajr prayer. My cousins back home would have their ‘festival’ memories associated with Ganpati, Holi or Diwali, but my memories for the longest time where associated to Ramadan and Eid.

The month of Ramadan was always an interesting month, the days were usually slow, but post sunset everything turned in to a carnival. I remember how my brother and I would wait for someone to come home in the evening with Iftaar food. Every evening there would be kebabs, biryani, sheer khurma, sent to us by our beautiful neighbours.

It is the month of Ramadan now, and when my friend Janhavi called me today to eat kebabs at the Shivaji Market in Camp, there was no way I could refuse. Surrounded by the samosas, kebabs, biryani, I was transported back to Riyadh. The place was nothing like being in Riyadh, but the food took me back. Back to my childhood, during the month of Ramadan and all I did was smile in awe.

As clichéd as this may sound, but the best joys are when the smallest things make you happy. The kind of happy that sets things just right. Think of all the food that takes you back to the happiest times of your life, and don’t forget to eat it!

shivaji market

Shivaji Market, Punedates



All things yum

janu eatig

Janhavi going for it

doodhi halwa

Lauki Halwa (Lauki- Bottle Gourd)

shahi tukda

Shaahi Tukda



Malpua- Deep fried goodness


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