Mission Bladder Burst 2014

It is that time of the year, guys. It is hot, uncomfortable, sweaty and annoying. There is always a topic to talk about and complain- “It is SOOO hot, man!”

When I was a kid, I had this story book, in one of the chapters, a line read- “What a beautiful, bright, sunny, summer’s day!”, and I would always wonder who are these people and why are they enjoying the bright sun? Obviously those stories were never meant for India.

This year I decided that I am not going to crib about the summers.. I did… A little though. I mean come on, it was 40 degrees (celsius)!

But then i decided to focus on the amazing things that happen during summer. For example- MANGO and the amazing drinks that your mom makes or are available all over. It is like the whole community is coming together to fight the heat and stay hydrated.


So my friend Abhishek (who we lovingly called ‘Bhagya’) and I set out on a mission- ‘Mission Bladder Burst’! No, this wasn’t your typical go to the pub and drink plenty of beer till you have to pee ‘Bladder Burst’. This was trying out all the amazing Indian drinks that you get on the streets. From Neera, to Nimbu Sherbet to everything. That was the afternoon when we had 10 drinks in 1 hour. Basically, major bladder burst. By the end of that 1 hour, Haurat Mulgi and her haurat friend were hydrated, happy and probably high on sugar and it was fantastic.


Mission Bladder Burst 2014-

1. Nimbu Sherbet/ Limbu Sherbet/ Lemonade- Nothing beats your Indian style lemonade. Lemon, Water, Sugar, Black Salt with some ice cubes. It is like your school summer vacation in a glass!


2. Aam Panha/ Kairi Panha/ Raw mango drink?- I LOVE mangos and raw mango. Panha is a treat for the summer. Amazing sour raw mango pulp, jaggery, black salt with water. If you want to know how to make it, click here, even though recipe says sugar, use jaggery!


3. Kokum Sherbet- I wasn’t always really fond of Kokum Sherbet as a kid, but now I have it all the time. It is also really good for you. You might take sometime to get used to the taste, if you have never had it. But trust me, when you get used to it, it is great!

(You get these really tiny barrels of Kokum pulp, mix it with cold water and voila!)


4. Ganna juice/ Usaacha rass/ Sugarcane juice- Drinking sugarcane juice always reminds me of my Xavier’s days (Mumbai), there were numerous seller right outside college. We would have at least 5 glasses a day. It was the best thing on a hot and humid day. Please make sure that you drink it from a hygienic place, if you have a sensitive stomach.


5. Neera!- I am obsessed with Neera. A neera stall is pretty much the signal for me that summer is here! Neera is sap extracted from toddy palms over night. It is refreshing and absolutely yummy. Please stop that car/ scooter/ rickshaw next to a stall and try some!


6. Amla Sherbet/ Awla Sherbet- Super rich in Vitamin C, the Indian gooseberry or Amla is super sour and really great for you. The sherbet is perfect for some health and refreshment in a glass.


7. Coconut Water- So someone once told me, “Coconut water is the ‘fluid of life’.” No arguments there, the media has publicised its benefits enough.


8. Kaala Khata Soda- Honestly i had no idea before I started to write this blog, that Kaala Katta is actually made of blackberries or jamun. I always have my Kaala Khatta with Gola, but with the soda, it tasted really great as well.


9. GOLA- Crushed ice in the shape of a popsicle, with with your favourite syrup. Happiness.



10. Beer 😛 – We had to right? There was no better way to end ‘Mission Bladder Burst’


This was it, folks, 1 hour, 10 drinks. One of the highlights of my summer. Being haurat for the yummiest summer drinks. I can’t really dislike summer after this day. It was brilliant. So monsoons are around the corner, get out soon and have your very own ‘Mission Bladder Burst’. Cheers!

Below is a picture of Bhagya bartending on the streets. 🙂


15 thoughts on “Mission Bladder Burst 2014

  1. Definitely the best drinks to gulp down in summers, nicely written!

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