To Nourish your Soul

There are good places to eat and then there are great places to eat. Places where the food never disappoints, the ambiance is great, staff that is happy to see you and when every trip becomes memorable. For me, Tien is just that place. Tien, in Vietnamese means ‘Spirit or Angel’ and I think that it is an apt name.


I got to know about Tien  through Facebook, somebody had ‘checked in’. The name seemed unusual, and the first thing that came to my mind after I got to their page was “Hey, this is in Model Colony! So close to home. I got to check it out.”

A few weeks later there I was with my family on a Saturday afternoon. The minute you enter Tien, it feels like you are in the middle of nature.


You get distracted by the big black boards where the menu used to be up (now they have menu cards). There are sandwiches, SUSHI (!), pastas, salads, mains, and drinks. What really stands out is how everything is ‘whole wheat’, the ‘juice is with pulp’, detox teas, hung curd dressings etc.
So I have tried everything at Tien, and there aren’t many places where I have tried everything on the menu. The funny part is I haven’t really disliked anything. I obviously cant write about all the dishes they serve there so I am going to write about my favorite dishes at Tien.
Tien will always be dear to me because that is were I had sushi for the first time. My brother who is obsessed with it told me “you would either love it or hate it. So be prepared.” He was right. There is really nothing like it. Crazy fishy taste, one piece down I wanted my second. I loved sushi. Tien serves prawn and salmon sushi and it is absolutely brilliant. So if you are one of those people who keep cribbing that Pune doesn’t have a good enough Sushi place, you gotta try the sushi here.
2. Thai curry rice (‘with the low G.I rice’)
Creamy coconutty Thai curry with the rice beautifully arranged on the side. One bite and you know Tien is serious about their food. The chunks of vegetables and chicken ( if you are non-vegetarian) infused perfectly with the coconut curry and the rice. This is the ultimate comfort food after a long mad day at work.
3. Hummus with Pita
The Middle Eastern cuisine is my favorite, and Hummus especially I could eat for every meal. I am serious, all meals. If you see me at Tien, you will always see me with a serving of hummus and pita on my table. So if you aren’t really keen on having a big meal, hummus and pita is perfect. They now serve this Labneh which makes it even better.
4. Roast Chicken Salad with Hung curd dressing
This salad can make a salad hater love salads. Lettuce, olives, roasted chicken chunks, whole wheat croutons with a very healthy hung curd dressing. You wont miss that sinful mayonnaise dressing, trust me.
5. Brownie with Espresso
If you want to experience true love then there is nothing like coming here and ordering the no-frills Brownie with Espresso. Moist gorgeous brownie slice with a hot espresso shot on the side. Chocolate and coffee are my favorite and Tien has nailed it!
6. Beverages
Versatile and perfect for the summer. The iced tea is my standard order at Tien.
Mango and Banana smoothie with a dash of cinnamon.
Abhishek Thakkar, the guy who owns this lovely place is always experimenting with a lot of new dishes. So the menu at Tien is never stagnant. I started working on this post 2 weeks ago, and every time I have visited Tien, I am tantalized by new additions to the menu.
If you are like me and want to eat good food, spend time with friends and chill out, Tien is the best place to be.
gyaan board

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