‘Consistency is key, Purva’

So it’s been a while since I blogged and that probably isn’t a good thing in the world of blogging. Or probably anywhere, since ‘consistency is key’. Yesterday a new friend texted me saying ‘Is HauratMulgi your blog?’ and in my head I said ‘Oh no!’ ‘Umm..yes, it is. Not updated..’ I replied, hoping he doesn’t read my poor deserted blog. ‘It is really good, man!’ he said. He also said a lot of nice things.

I suddenly felt this urge to write and to show my deserted blog off. So I asked my colleague and fellow blogger to read it as well. He give me three tick marks and according to him ‘that’s very good by my standards’. That was motivating enough to write a new blog. So here I am at work writing my new blog post on a Friday morning.

Over the week, I make this great list in my head- ‘Things to do on the weekend’. As the days go by, the list becomes longer and longer. First there are pending things of the last weekend then there are new additions of this week. One of the the things I end up doing is ‘Cook that. Eat that. Try that’. What I do not end up doing is- ‘then blog about that.’  Weekends are like you are transported to a different universe where you are the queen/king. So you do not really want to be following a ‘To-Do list’. I mean, a queen/king doesn’t follow a one!

Even though I haven’t really blogged for a while, I haven’t stopped eating or being haurat. I have actually explored some really amazing places in Pune. My top three current favorite places in Pune are- Tien, Le Plaisir and Hoppipola. I go there A LOT, by that I mean my mom keeps asking me about them like they are my new boyfriends.

So wait for my next blog on Tien. This time it wont take long. Time follow my mom’s favorite line ‘Consistency is key, Purva. Consistency.’


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