The Kashid Weekend

So most of us, I believe, live weekend to weekend. I say this because all I see around me are people who just want to get through their week, wait for that Friday evening and LIVE that weekend. As much as I hate to admit it, I do the same. When i started to work I wondered  “What rubbish is this? I never cared about weekday or the weekend in college so much”. But now I do. A few weeks back on one of those weekends, my family and I travelled to Kashid. This beautiful town on the Konkan coast of Maharastra. The Haurat Mulgi that I am, all I thought about was fish, prawn, crabbb!

Kashid is a beautiful town and the drive till there is gorgeous. There is something about the Konkan. Stupendous coconut trees, the dense evergreen forests, the people and the food. Your mind instantly feels calm. The Kashid beach is nothing like the Goa FYI. It is quite crowded with families, aunties wearing salwar kameez and people drinking coconut water instead of beer.


We were famished when we reached Kashid. My brother dragged us to this family stay that he had visited with his friends. “It is nothing fancy, very basic. But the food, Purva! The food that maushi (aunt in Marathi) makes is insane!”. There you go.. I was sold. The place was basic, a TV manufactured in 1985, a mattress hard as marble and no cupboards. It was quite funny actually, family vacations are always fancy therefore you look forward to them more. This was not one of them. My brother ordered everything maushi was making that day. Surmai fry, prawn curry, bhakri made out of rice flour and rice.

Fish fry!

The fish fry was amazing, the marination made out of garlic, chilli, ginger, lemon, tamarind was perfect. It was coated with semolina and then fried to perfection.


Jhinga lala fry!

Prawns spiced with turmeric, chill, salt, ginger, garlic.


So(u)l Kadhi

A yummy drink that aids digestion made from coconut milk and kokum.


Malwani cuisine of the Konkan region is gorgeous packed with  flavour. The masalas made of dried red chilies, coriander seeds, peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, ginger, garlic. The use of coconut, kokum, dried kokam (amsul), tamarind, and raw mango gives the food different textures.


This was my Kashid weekend exploring the yummy Malvani food. If you are one of ‘my people’ who live weekend to weekend in Mumbai, Pune or anywhere in the world. Drive a few kilometres away from that city madness and explore some amaze food and be a haurat!


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