Mutton Rogan Josh

It is Friday! It’s been a long crazy day! Fridays are like that. It’s the storm before the calm. But lunch was perfect (:D). For lunch my friend Raghav forced me to go to Bagban (East Street, Pune) for some ‘amazing’ North Indian food.

I dislike eating Indian food out, because I am Indian! I like my home made Indian food- simple and yummy. Except south Indian food, I LOVE south Indian food anywhere. So Bagban was not really my scene. But he ‘realllly’ wanted to go and we went.

We entered and it wasn’t one of those restaurants that do not make you feel comfortable. The waiters didn’t smile, they made us sit on a table that we didn’t want to sit on. What kept me quiet was Raghav saying “the food will be awesome, trust me.”

We ordered Chicken Seekh kebabs, Mutton Rogan Josh, butter naan and roti. Then the wait began. We waited for about 30 mins feeling cranky because of the anticipation to eat yummy food. And finally the kebabs arrived!

The chicken seekh kebabs looked amazing and they were! Instantly all the service issues melted away. We didn’t care, the kebabs were amazing. Perfectly seasoned, the heat of the garam masala just did the magic. We demolished the plate in around 3 mins and couldn’t wait for the Mutton Rogan Josh.


The Mutton Rogan Josh was slightly intimidating, there was a sea of oil floating on top! I am not exaggerating. “My arteries! God save them” I said when I saw them. But it looked so yum. The Mutton was perrrrfectly cooked, the gravy was to die for. Raghav and I didn’t talk. A couple of mutton pieces, naans,  rotis and liters of gravy later all I could say is “Wow, we are such haurats!”



After getting back to our senses, we some how managed to run back to work but working wasn’t easy.

I’m still unsure if I have changed my mind about eating Indian food out. But today’s lunch was pretty awesome. Awesome enough to write about it in my first post only about food.

Before I am off, happy Women’s Day to all the women reading this. And all the men, do something nice for all the women in your life (I love giving gyaan). Have a lovely weekend being a haurat eating yummy food!


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