Finally! So after venturing into every social media platform there is and being completely obsessed with it, here I am posting my first blog! I don’t really know why it took me so long. Maybe because I had no idea what do I write about. Also maybe because I don’t think I am too much of a ‘writer’. I am a ‘talker’, ask me to talk about anything I have some idea about, and I will.

The other day I met a friend’s friend, it was a Saturday afternoon and we were sitting in this cozy cafe looking through the menu. I was hungry, I didn’t care too much about the conversation that was on. But some how I heard the word palmistry and I looked up through the big broad menu. “You read palms?! You know that stuff?” I asked. He was slightly taken aback since I hadn’t really spoken to him much. “Yes, kind of. I mean everyone in my family knows this. So i learnt too. But somewhat ha.” he said. “READ MY HAND!” I pulled out my hand and put a few inches away from his face. “Umm ok. Sure.” Then he spoke about some obvious things about how I am and what I will be. “Do you write?” he asked and paused. “Umm..no. I am not too much of writer. I suck at it actually.” I said awkwardly. “You should write you will be good at it.”

Really? I thought to myself and have been thinking about that since. I didn’t enjoy writing exams in school or assignment papers in college. I don’t like writing documents at work. But then I thought maybe if I write about what I love, I would be OK. I would be OK at writing about food! I am always thinking about it. I love to describe every meal I had or am going to have. My favourite shows are cooking shows and I watch almost every one of them (sometimes watch repeats). Even on a long Monday, I love to cook some dinner or bake something, I feel like all my stress has melted away. I might be borderline obsessed but I can’t really help it (I have tried).

So this is the story about why I am sitting here after a long day doing this. Planning to write about something I love. No teachers, no given topics, no seniors, no deadlines, no language control, writing about what I love the way I want.

I am also posting one of my favourite lunch pictures. It is a Seafood Thali that I had in Zambar, Pune. Quite lovely if you are a seafood lover.

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Pilot

  1. Wowie i am so proud of you my lil sisi. We all so passionate about food and that is reflected in each and every word of yours. Keep eating savouring us with those yummy experiences.

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